Fatigue Management Educational Workshops for Employees









Fatigue ManagementSolutions delivers comprehensive fatigue management training workshops that address the key lifestyle factors that contribute to the reduction of employee fatigue impairment.  In addition to the company's responsibility to manage, monitor and mitigate the risk of fatigue, individual employees need to consider what they can do to help improve their alertness.

Fatigue Management Solutions delivers these engaging and inspiring lifestyle workshops:

Stay Alert©

We discuss:

  • Definition of fatigue v’s sleepiness
  • Four main causes of fatigue
  • Signs and symptoms of fatigue
  • Sleep (circadian rhythm and sleep cycles)
  • The benefits of sleep
  • The dangers of micro-sleeps
  • Consider how ‘out of work’ activated effect your performance while at work
  • Understanding the effects of sleep disorders in the 24/7 workforce
  • Fatigue Management Solutions:
  • Napping
  • Bedtime routine (sleep hygiene)
  • Stimulant and sedative use and avoidance
  • The benefits of water and good nutrition
  • The importance of exercising to reduce fatigue
  • How to get the perfect nights sleep!
  • Q&A

    Eat Well©

    We discuss:

  • Are you always tired at 3pm?
  • The importance of good nutrition, not just in regards to weight management
  • Feel like you NEED coffee of caffeine drinks to keep you going?
  • Not sure what time to eat to feel more alert and awake?
  • What's really in our foods? Fats, sugar, salt
  • Healthy food options when you are on the go, or have limited choices available
  • Cooking demonstrations can be delivered
  • Meal plans can be designed for your team