Fatigue Policy & Procedure

          NZ's Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, requires employers to mitigate the risk of fatigue in the workplace.  FRMS can help you to create your Fatigue Management policies and procedures.  

          We have found that one of the most overwhelming areas of risk mitigation for many companies is in regards to fatigue management.  It need not be the case.  The first step is to look at current practices and the needs of the business.

          Policy and procedure to include:

          Review of current Fatigue Management Policy and Procedures

          Outline the purpose and scope of the policy

          Specify who is responsible for the management of fatigue in the business

          Provide Fatigue definitions

          Reference regulations and legislations specific to your industry (for example the LTNZ 24089 rule)

          References to Health & Safety at Work Act 2015

          Maximum hours of work guidelines

          Scheduling best practice

          Procedure outlines

          Training and education for both employees and families of workers

          Reviewing and monitoring systems