Fatigue Management Solutions

Rachel Lehen - Managing Director

My venture into the world of health & safety started in 2008 when I bought the NZ license to distribute very funky power napping Energy Pods in an effort to help combat driver fatigue.  What I learned very quickly was that despite having this amazing product, there was very little education about the benefits of power napping (especially in a working environment), and needless to say, I never sold one Pod!!

Today, however, what I have discovered is that there is a growing need and awareness for businesses who operate in the safety critical realm to understand the impact of fatigue on their staff, and that the nature of running a shiftwork operation (or extended hours of operation) will inadvertently put extra strain on people's ability to stay alert, perform well and stay safe at work.

Having come from a health background I was very aware that knowledge and individual engagement is key in being able to transform people's lives.  I often say ‘you don’t know, what you don’t know’ so my mission is to get the right information in front of people and provide the tangible solutions to help people to better cope with the stresses of shift-work especially.

I have created a business that bases its solutions on very successful international models that deliver fatigue training programs, lifestyle coaching programs, sleep disorder screening and educational resources designed for continued learning.  My team of experts work together to create & deliver practical fatigue management interventions for all industry sectors.

Our Fatigue Management Solutions 'A team'!

Ianthe Jones - Eat Well© Presenter & Personal Nutrition Coach

Ianthe has a Master of Science majoring in Human Nutrition (Otago). She is passionate about helping people make healthy food choices – both for themselves and their families. She advocates eating minimally processed whole foods in an affordable and family friendly way.

Ianthe is a confident presenter and encourages the audience to engage through hands-on opportunities preparing foods and recipes and then tasting the finished food.